International adverse events of 13th May 2023

ISOFIA. International Solidarity of Free Information & Arts

13 maggio effetti avversi.

”O man, know thyself, and thou shalt know the cosmos and the Gods.”

On the threshold of the Oracle of Delphi

di Tejas

Dear Friends, the international event of May 13 has now happened! The most important signal, which we wanted to launch through this event was the turn in the history of international public events: no more protests and divisions, but symbolic union, and come together for the change we want in the world! The narrative of the Pandemic has created a spell, behind which there are very clear goals. In fact, with the programming of social behavior, that the oligarchy of powerprepared in all its most brutal details, the ultimate goal was to divide and tear the social and human fabric to reduce us to emotional slaves ready to slaughter each other, paving the way for them to achieve all the stages of their criminal project against humanity. The event allowed us to send a transparent message to understand that the victims are not only those who have inoculated, but all of us, the population of the world, who for three years have suffered from the attempt of these control groups to destroy life and impose their new world order. The event has allowed in some cities timidly, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, and in others more manifestly, France, Italy, Spain to begin the work of mending that social wound created artfully, to distance and weaken us. London has chosen instead a more classic manifestation, many have descended into Trafalgar square and there were people from the political and scientific scene, who support the awakening movement! Meeting us through this event showed our willingness to pursue the path of brotherhood, solidarity and discernment. Many victims still show fear, shame and guilt over their condition as sick from inoculation. In some squares there was also a lot of anger and the coordinators knowingly contained it. Many hugs in many streets. Parades like the one in Turin very moving, in absolute silence paraded dozens of people dressed in white and with large photos of the victims who died after inoculation.

In other squares with much dignity,we spoke softly with those who had testified and there was the echo “I too…. me too” and therefore the most timid have found the courageto expose themselves feeling this warm human embrace around them…..The crying was mixed with the smilesand the joy of not feeling anymore alone and abandoned… In other countries, before or after, there were conferences in closed rooms with medical professionals, lawyers, political analysts, etc., and in Bilbao they made a human chain in the Guggenheim museum district.Everywhere, as planned, brochures were also distributed with information from local associations and collectives of doctors and health professionals, those who had understood from the beginning, that it was a deception. The conscious choice to distribute informative material, updated to each city was dictated by the desire to leave in the hands of inoculation victims, concrete addresses to be helped, focusing no longer on the problem but looking for solutions and hope. In short, give hope to these affected people in body, soul and spirit.Real doctors make themselves available to support those affected by the adverse reactions caused by this poison. This event is motivating us even more, together we can bring out the truth from the chaos and web of lies, which the supranational powers have thrown at us to chain us and they feel free to implement their own interests of control and power over the world. We chose the definition of event and non-manifestation, because we wanted to decentralize the problem, and touch smaller cities to reach citizens more easily, talk to them, encourage themand give them the space to witness their adverse reactions, their suffering after the inoculation of the experimental serum. We also took to the streets in the most populous neighborhoods, without demanding justice and freedom, because it is now clear that the institutions have fallen prey to a madness of power and a devastating and depraved perversion, which has already got its hands on our children. Unfortunately, the parents, hypnotized by the mind control techniques of the main stream have lost their lucidity and have failed to defend their children from violence, rape and torture on their bodies and their psyche.25 nations, many countries in South America,first Argentina,, a representation of North America, many European countries have participated in this gigantic work, considering that we have no means.In Italy we created a platform for a Non –Stop Live stream and from 11AM until 9PM we recorded many windows that opened in the world and despite the drama of people affected by adverse reactions, we felt the enthusiasm that united us knowing that in 25 countries we were in unison. An energetic thread has tied us to go beyond of space/time in a planetary dimension. Many of us have been working for three years, representatives of professional categories such as civilians, doctors, lawyers, men of science, educators and we have made ourselves available 24 hours on 24.

We activists, committed to true r-Evolution, know that this is a great challenge and we are called to serve, because we want to leave a healthy and better world to future generations.Here it was never a health emergency but a real war against humanity and we are ready to take our lives back in our hands with self-determination because there will be no institutions that will save us! Let us seize this wonderful chance to transform the great Reset into the great awakening and building a just, free and happy society. Of course there’s still so much to do, but now we can take a serene look at what “is been with the event, to improve the organization as a whole.I am grateful for all that each of us has done to make it happen!!! Wednesday’s evening we have a meeting with all the international coordinators to continue our work all together.Now the Truth is overflowing like a flood river, it is breaking in all directions it will clean the planet of so much corruption and perversion, and the light will shine again inside and outside us even more powerfully The spirit will incarnate in pure dead matter and transmute it to be in the service of humanity and not vice versa! The path is long but the awakened are more and more numerous and stronger through knowledge and awareness.Anyone is invited to expand the network of trust and you can get in touch with the coordinators of the following countries Aheartfelt thank you again to all of us, who together made this international event possible!!!!


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